RVMS Features

With Live Tracking you can see the live movements of your fleet in real time. This enables you to track your fleet on road with accuracy.
Delivery Place Assign allows you to assign delivery points on maps, so when the vehicle reaches the particular place you get instant alerts in your mail and mobile.
Manage all your staffs details with Staff Profile management system. This let you to add your staff or driver information's like address, age, licence no, etc. with easy management.
With Multi User Access you can share your fleet management software. By this method user can create login details to other user (limited access) in order to manage their own fleets.
Set Reminders for your important events like meeting, load delivery date, etc. and get notifications on your email and mobile.
Animated Graphical Charts enables easy understanding of the data generated form the system. You can easily find the differential between working hours and financial cost.
Fuel Management lets you track of the fuel spend for each trip of the vehicle. With seamless hardware integration you can easily get a clear report on the fuel spend.
Play Back give you a bird eye view of all your fleets. This allows user to monitor the path which was travelled by the vehicle between a particular date and time.
Temperature Monitoring allows you to monitor the temperature in cold storage vehicle. You can set alert on temperature drops or rise. This enables complete track of your cold chain services.
Add Geofence within a particular location or area, so when the vehicle enters or exits the particular location get instant alerts and notification.
Set Alerts for your fleets like over speeding, anti-theft, AC, etc. and when the events occurs get instant alerts and notification. Also under emergency situation you can stop the vehicle from your mobile.
Get Reports like travel summary, trip summary, driver summary, etc. of your fleets. These reports consists of running, stop, idle hrs and also with total distance travelled.